07 Jan

The Crowing Rooster🐓Home 🏠Street Number is


The Very First Scripture Verse That The Holy Spirit Gave Me @ The Start Of My Crowing🐓Rooster Ministry/ Passover of 2021

 MARK 13:35 

“Therefore keep WATCH- #1127 In Greek Strong's Concordance because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back— Whether In The

@Evening - 1st watch! 

@Midnight- End Of 2nd Watch! 

@ The Rooster Crowing🐓-4th Watch! 

@ Dawn - End Of 4th Watch! 

It Wasn't Until 2023 That I Stumbled Upon The Greek Strong's #1127 Which Matches My Home Address #1127 Here In Sacramento California!

What Are The Odds??

That My Street  Address Matches My Calling These Last 33 Months? 

I Was Thinking Is It Possible That My Street Address #1127 Also Hold's A Secret About The Date The Bridegroom Comes In 

Matthew 25:6-10?? 

There Is One Very Amazing Date On the Calendar That I found!!!

The 11th Day Of January! 


The Gregorian Calendar!


The 27th Of Kislev! 

On YHVH Biblical Calender


Also Match

  The Middle Of True Hanukkah! 

The Center Candle! 

Day Of Yeshua Conception!  

 That Also Matches 

Revelation 1:13!

 One Like The Son Of Man In the MIDDLE-#3319 "masos" 

Of The Candlesticks! 

Also Matching 

Matthew 25:6 

In The

 MIDDLE -#3319 

"masos" Of The Night A Cry Was Made, Behold The Bridegroom Comes, Go Out And Meet Him. 

All Of These Amazing Biblical Matches Connect With The Crowing🐓 Rooster Street Address #1127!!! 


THE 27th OF KISLEV!!! 


The Final Convergence!

The Crowing Rooster 🐓

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