10 Jun

 Those Who Have Done What Is Good

Will Rise To Live, 

And Those  Who Have Done Evil Will Rise To Be Condemned!  

John 5:29 

It's Time For The Final Harvest! 

What's Your Future Look Like? 

Below Is A Picture Of The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Trading Floor!

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange 

Is a key part of America's financial infrastructure

Originally a marketplace for settling 

Agricultural Futures!

I Suddenly Heard Yeshua

 "America You Have Gambled Away   Your Inheritance And Your Future Just Like 

The Prodigal Son

 Luke 15:11-32

A Grievous Famine Is Knocking On Your Door America From 

Coast To Coast!


Chicago Mercantile Exchange 

Is also a major trading hub for precious metals, foreign currencies, treasury bonds, cryptocurrencies, and many kinds of derivatives. 

The Night Of June 9th 2024 I Had A Profound Dream About The 

American Dollar!

Poor George 

America's Global 50 Year Petro Dollar Agreement With Saudi Arabia Is Coming To An End This Very Week! 

Talk About An End To A Harvest Cycle!


America Should Have Put Its Trust In God! 

But Trusted In It's Riches Instead!

Giving God  Only Lip Service! 

Then Corrupted Itself Completely!

In My Dream 

I Saw Bill Walton

A Member Of  A NBA Championship Celtics Team! 

 Who Passed Away Just Before The Beginning Of The NBA Finals Started!

Game 3 & 4 Will Be Played In Dallas Wednesday June 12th


Feast Of Pentecost

Suddenly I Heard Yeshua Voice; 

"American Will Now Return 

Back To The Future 

To The Walton's Show!"

Another Great Depression Where There Will Be No Affordable Food @ 

Mr Walton's 


It's Harvest Time America

His Winnowing Fork Is In His Hand And He Will Thoroughly

Purge You America!

Luke 3:17-18

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