16 Aug

 This week we are partnering with Australia  

from here in California

I want to share a video with you to highlight this powerful connection 

Unprecedented,  Unimaginable , Unparalleled, 

Unfathomable  Glory is Coming!

Video; The Brides Key to the Door of Glory



Dear Genevieve From Australia 🦘 

Red  Bull 

has been highlighted by heaven this week to me.

The vision of you and your daughter and Victoria was so wonderful. Going up up and away in bubbles.
Today heaven declared that the bubbles I saw are 

Glory bubbles- 2 Chronicles 5 :14.

In 2Chronicles 4&5 Solomon provided the craftsmanship for the instruments in the house.

 Yet Paul declares this in the New Covenant 

Hebrews 3:6  

"We Are His House."

Oxen were instrumental in the construction of the base of the Brazen Alter. 


Is restoring the Brazen Alter in the church now In a way we cannot even fathom. 

There will be a great outcry in the traditional religious marketplaces across the globe.🌏

A Cry is coming to Melbourne Australia 

That will ignite 🔥Australia 

*Genevieve(type of the bride) you must put the golden trumpet to your mouth in Melbourne daughter for you are my Debra, my apostolic Anointing will meet you in Melbourne. 

You must become one with me Genevieve (type of the bride) you must blow my golden trumpet and call the church in Melbourne to repentance for my unpredidented, unparalleled, unfathomable glory is coming Daughter.

A Great cry of repentance is coming that will sweep into every Church specifically in America the Melbourne connection. Yes even Melbourne Florida will burn with my glory.


  "MY True Ecclesia Has Come To The

 Brazen Alter And Have Completely Laid Their Life Down As A

Acceptable Sacrifice For The Gospel Of My Glorious Son Yeshua."

Romans 12:1
The Brazen Alter in Maui, The Brazen Alter in Maui! The Brazen Alter in Maui !
My fury and my jealousy is arising in my face against every false god in my Son's church.

Maui is a boy's name of Hawaiian and Maori origin. The name belongs to a trickster God in Polynesian mythology.
The Church has been tricked by false God's.

As Israel was tricked to offer a golden Calf 🐂in

Exodus 32.

 I require a sacrifice that is pleasing to Me. 

The place where we must die to self and lay down your lives, And receive the New Birth- (John3:3) the unlimited power of the new birth in the Spirit and beyond says the Lord of glory!

This is what I was highlighting and finished my 

Public YouTube ministry declaring

Let the true church Arise from the ashes of the Brazen Alter in this hour. 

Your life as a sweet smelling savor to Me the king of Glory!

For I Am coming with my Glory as I did in 

2 Chronicles 5:14

 Unprecedented Glory,

 Unimaginable Glory!

Miraculous Glory!

Unparalleled Glory!

Unrivaled Glory!

Extraordinary Glory!

And I Will Build My House And My Glory Will Fill It In This Final Hour So Arise And Shine My Beloved In The House Of My Glory

Brother Philip- aka the crowing rooster🐓

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