18 Mar

I Am Again Reminded This 18th Day Of March Of The Hidden Power Of 

"The Spirit Of This Age" 

The Crafty , Artful, Masterful, Well-Planned Deceptive Trickery


Satan's Power 

Over The Culture! 

The Holy Spirit Has Had The 

Crowing Rooster


The Deceptive Trickery These Last Two Years Of 


I Had A Very Heart Wrenching Experience With 


Early Last Year (2023) When He Said This;

"As Long As My Church In America  Continues To Celebrate Easter America Will Never Get 

Free Of Abortion!"

"The Christian Church Is Strengthening The Power of Abortion And It's Stronghold In This Nation By Continuing To

 Celebrate Easter

The Goddess of Fertility And Sex   


And How Was Istar/Ashtoreth Worshipped?

By Sacrificing A Child Taking Their Blood , Then Coloring Eggs With That Blood Then Have The 

Children In The Community 

Go Hunt for Those Hidden Eggs.

This Is What The 

American Christian Church 

Celebrates Year After Year. 

It's like A Right Of Passage For Our Children In Christian Churches. 

A Celebrated Practice!

Then The Christian Church Cant Make The Connection With Why Women  Continue To Champion Their 

Fertility Rights!

Abortion Marches All Across America

The American Christian Church 

Is Complicit!

And Judgement Begins In The House Of The Lord! 

1 Peter 4:17

Everyone In The American Christian Church Will Be Held Accountable Before A 

Holy God

So Who Is Being Marked For Judgement On April 8th In America?

Nissan 1 

The 1st Day Of 


New Year!


The Christian Church In America Is Beginning Marked For Judgement!

I Know The Religious Spirit Will Rage At The Thought!

Just Like I Said In My Last Article/ Video;

"Heavens Final Countdown"

2 Spirits In March/ April!

2 Paths In March/April!

2 Dates In March And April! 

(1) March 31st-Easter!

(1) April 23rdPassover!

2 Out- Comes!

Both Ultimately  

Have Eternal Consequences!

I Will Share This Last Experience I Had With 


@ the Beginning of 2023

Here Is The Link!



"Son Did You Know There Is A Rapture Verse In Exodus 12?

Of Course I Did Not!



Exodus 12: 33-34!"

"No One Can Leave Egypt With 


In Their Life

 I Shared In My Last Video Concerning 

April 8th

 Something Yeshua Said To Me;

" Everyone Is Short Sighted Concerning Their Understanding Of April 8th

"Especially The American 

Christian Church!"

The Crowing Rooster

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