16 Sep

On September 15th 2023 as the new moon of the month of Elul on YHVH Calendar was bursting upon the🌎world I received a deep profound revelation of 


I am reminded again of John turning to hear the voice like a trumpet🎺  speaking to him In Revelation 12:1

What John the beloved witnessed and beheld with his own eyes  was such a completely overwhelming  revelation  that John's  Physical Body  could not contain the level of 

Glory and Majesty 

He was confronted with as he John beheld the 

Glorified king of Glory

and then fell as a dead man 


The King of Glory!

John the Beloved could not Physically stand before This One He had know more intimately then any other human in history.

Yeshua then touched John 

and only then did he receive strength to stand before the  

👑King of Glory!

 The Ekklesia

 The "Called out Assembly" 

who obediently turned in 2023 to behold him the one who is speaking from Heaven will then first fall prostrate before Him in this fall season of 

Unprecedented, Unequaled 

Worship of the King of Glory

She will then receive strength as John received strength to testify to the Global Church  and lost world of what she has both seen and heard.

The result will be a unprecedented, unparalleled, unimaginable, unequaled 

Waves of Glory and Harvest

that will cover the earth like the world has never seen.

Waves of Healing! 

 Waves of Deliverance! 

Waves of Salvation!

 Like a mighty tsunami wave over the nations of the Earth.

Then the end will come!

 And the door will be closed to the yet unbelieving world who will be plunged into a time of  unprecedented, unparalleled, unimaginable, unequaled darkness.

Then the one who sits up on the Throne stands up and rules in favor of the Saints of the most high

Daniel 7:22 

The Saints are given the Eternal kingdom of our Father and of our  Glorious Conquering Savoir and Redeemer King

And all evil will be destroyed and Satan's kingdom vanquished!

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