30 Aug

Wanted to encourage you all of You @ The Undergroung Railroad🚂 Community &YouTube Subscribers

Yesterday we gathered a team to🙏pray for Sydney Australia.

When we were finished 

with intercession

 I went into a vision while continuing  worshiping Yeshua after the 1 hour of Prayer . 

I saw Yeshua in a pure white robe and black flowing hair blowing in the coastal breeze of Sydney Harbor. 

I saw His feet with beautiful leather Sandals walking on Cobblestone streets and the buildings were sandstone.

I really know very little about Sydney Australia. I have never been their so the specific streets and buildings are completely foreign  and unknown to me.

So I had to look it up there is a place called the (ROCKS -The Landing)

that to my surprise has cobblestone streets and sandstone buildings right on the Harbor of Sydney I knew then that Jesus himself was walking the streets of Sydney and that Sydney would be saved.

 Short Video of the Rock of Sydney


A week ago I did a Article and Video

"Heaven Is Singing Over Sydney Australia"


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